General Data Protection Policy for ELMEQ A/S

According to EU General Data Protection Regulation as per 25-05-2018
Here you can read how ELMEQ A/S handles personal data.

Data Controller

ELMEQ A/S is a Data Controller, and we ensure that any process of your personal data is in compliance with
the law.
Our contact information is:
Ved Klædebo 18
DK-2970 Hørsholm

We process personal data

ELMEQ A/S is a company that develops and sells motors and other electronic devices on B2B-market to
companies within the EU and the rest of the world. ELMEQ A/S has contact persons in all of these
companies and all contact to them is solely related to this cooperation.

  • ELMEQ A/S collects and stores exclusively Ordinary personal data about customers/business
    partners. We do not collect or store confidential or sensitive information about our
    customers/business partners.
  • Recipients of Personal data are representatives that ELMEQ A/S cooperates with and sells to, both
    within the EU and in third countries including Schwitzerland, the United States and China, among
  • Personal data will be kept as long as there is an ongoing cooperation between the company
    concerned and ELMEQ A/S and until ELMEQ A/S is informed that the contact person is no longer
    employed by the company.
  • Deletion of personal data will be done at the customers/business partners request.

When you visit our homepage

ELMEQ A/S complies with The Marketing Act §10 (Markedsføringsloven), where direct electronic marketing
is only used with the consent of our customers.

When you order a brochure on our homepage, you enter your name and your e-mail address, and give us
your consent to contact you. You can, at any time, request that we delete your contact information, by
contacting our sales department at

ELMEQ A/S uses cookies for statistics purposes and for user surveys. It gives us, among other things, an
overview of the number of visits to pages on our website, so that we can constantly improve the site, making
it as user-friendly as possible.

When you trade with ELMEQ A/S, we process your personal data accordingly:

  • Name, occupation, working area, phone number and e-mail address (Ordinary personal data) is kept
    in ELMEQ A/S´s CRM-system and accounting program.
  • Receivers of your personal data, are primarily employees of ELMEQ A/S and in some cases ELMEQ
    A/S´s supplier network.
  • Your personal data can occasionally be transferred to our supplier network in third countries.
  • Your personal data will be kept, as long as we have an ongoing cooperation between your employer,
    yourself and ELMEQ A/S. We delete your personal data, when there is no longer an objective need
    for keeping it. Here, we take into account the deadlines in legislation, i.e. Limitation Act
    (Forældelsesloven) and Accounting Law (Bogføringsloven).

If you apply for a job at ELMEQ A/S we process your personal data accordingly:

  • Name, address, birthday, occupation, working area, exams, e-mail address, phone number (Ordinary
    personal data) is kept in ELMEQ A/S´s mailbox, if you send the application by mail. If you send it
    by postal mail, the application is kept in a separate staff folder in a locked vault.
  • The purpose is exclusively related to the processing of the application, whether it happens upon
    request or without request.
  • Receivers of your personal data are employees of ELMEQ A/S as well as recruitment agencies and
    recruiters, who assist with the recruitment procedures.
  • We store applications until the recruitment procedures is completed. If the application does not
    result in a recruitment, it will be destroyed 1 month at the latest, after the recruitment procedures is
    complete. If the application results in a recruitment, it will be stored together with the employment
    contract, for as long as the employment relationship exists, according to our Privacy Policy for
    employees at ELMEQ A/S.

Your rights

  • You are entitled to see what personal data we have about you.
  • You are entitled to get your personal data we have about you corrected.
  • You are entitled to get your personal data we have about you deleted. If you wish your personal data
    deleted, we delete the information that we are not legally obliged to retain.
  • If the processing of personal data is based on a consent from you, you are entitled to withdraw the
    consent, which means that our processing stops, unless we are legally bound to process and retain
    your information. However, we do not delete e-mails as long as we have an ongoing cooperation
    between your employer/business and ELMEQ A/S.


ELMEQ A/S stores personal data electronically on computers with limited access.
ELMEQ A/S has entered into agreements with companies that take care of our security with regard to all
data storage and backup. We have Data Processing Agreements with these companies.

However, ELMEQ A/S cannot guarantee 100% security for data transfers via the Internet. That means that
there is a minor risk that an unjustified person can gain access when data is sent and stored electronically.


You have the opportunity to complain about our processing of your personal data to the Data Protection
office (Datatilsynet). Please see contact information and read more about complaints here:


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