Direct drive

– low speed and high torque

Direct Drive Motor

Whether you need a motor with low speed, long lifetime, high torque or one with low EMC radiation or a motor for a torque application – or just all in one, we can offer you a customer made suitable Direct drive solution. Because of the high number of pole pairs in this motor range, the motor develops very high torque and runs with low speed, which in many applications make the gear Needless.

With the latest motor design and driver technologies, you will get low vibration solutions with long lifetime where silent motor applications are required. The motors are equipped with the newest magnet technology, which gives your motors high efficiency and very high torque.

If you want to cost optimize we can customize most of our motor range by integrating special die casts, plastic moldings, metal parts, gear parts or integrated gearbox, skewed teeth to optimize noise etc. In this way we offer you an integrated solution more than just a motor. Today, most of the cost optimizing is done in the surroundings and not at the motor itself.



  • High torque
  • Low noise