Stepping motors

Stepping motors – silent customized efficiency

Stepping motors

If you are looking for low constant speed, high torque, smooth movements and low vibration, a stepping motor solution could be the right solution for you.

This motor type runs with constant speed without using encoder or hall feedback. With the newest motor and driver technology we can offer you low noise solutions for applications where silent motor operations are required.

Today, we almost never sell a motor as a standalone unit. Instead we cost optimize for the application by customizing the motors. This could e.g. be by integrating with special die casts, plastic moldings, metal parts, gear parts or integrated gearbox, skewed teeth to optimize noise etc. – you have many options.

With stepping motors and special gear designs, we also develop and manufacture a larger range of actuators. This goes from battery application (very low voltage) and very small diameter to larger application with very high push force.