Voice Coil Motors and Solenoids

Voice coil motors and solenoids – benefits for every purpose

voice coil motor (VCM)

We recommend a voice coil motor (VCM) or a solenoid for your project if you are looking for reliable actuating devices with displacement of 1-30 mm, life cycle from 1-100 million, where controllability of force, speed, travel, and acceleration at continues and accurate positioning is required. Or if you just require ON/OFF movement and intermittent duty.

Our new high quality VCM series are typically used where bi-directional movement with more precision control is necessary. The force and speed generated by our VCMs is typically higher than if you used the similar size solenoids. Furthermore, the physical characteristics of the VCM make it first choice for medical, aerospace, military, robotics and mobile devices, where reliability is essential as well as size and weight.

As for our solenoids they are divided into linear or rotary and they are typically used if you need an efficient, affordable and reliable short-range displacement. Your benefits would among others be the that the solenoids have fast reaction time, are small in size compared to the generated force, are easy to control via simple switching circuit, have high life time and often are cost optimized for a specific application area.

You can get the linear solenoids either as a holding (continues energized), which are available in pull type as it is designed to pull the load towards itself when energized and a push type, or you can get them as a latching type (ON/OFF pulse), where they act in the opposite direction. Application areas are typically in appliances, vending machines, door locks, coin sorting circuit breakers, pumps, medical equipment and valves – just to name a few.

The rotary solenoids produce an angular motion either in clock wise, anti-clock wise or in both directions. Application areas are e.g. machine tools, lasers, within photo processing, media storage, sorters and fire door mechanism.

So if you are in the process of developing a new product or just need to replace an existing auction device, ELMEQ can always help you with the right solution for your product.



  • Reliable actuating devices
  • Controllability
  • Precision control
  • Reliability
  • Pull type
  • Push type